By Fira Basuki

Grasindo Anggota Ikapi
Jakarta, 2005

Alamak! is a book of Firabas short stories. It contains several short stories which are written by her for the teen magazines. I’ll try to tell the stories a little bit for you so you could have a view on it.

Rani is in love with a Malay Chinese boy who works in the same office. She has a close friend named Dan Chang (DC) who teaches her how to attract that boy. DC trains Rani, how to do manicure and pedicure. She also tell her to do Brazilian wax (that hurt her so much!) to prepare her for the date with Hendra (her heartbeat). Unfortunately, all the plans are failed because suddenly Hendra visit Rani’s home while Rani haven’t brushed her teeth and still wear masker on her face.
This story will make you laugh. It’s a very funny story which explains that life is not “so so”. I like this story. I mean this is my favorite story over this book.

Dunia Baru
Zulu is described as an ill girl whose life is a granted miracle. She fall in love with someone who is finally hurt her. Finally, she spent her lifetime at mental hospital.
This story is a little bit complicated because the author uses a different way to tell the story. She uses the first and the third person point of view.

Ini Bukan Mimpi
This short story tells about a woman who has a problem and willing to solve her problem. She goes to the doctor and tells him about her life, especially about someone who always visits her on her dreams. She has a very intimate relationship with this dream guy. Then she realized that the dream guy is her doctor!
The story tells about dream and reality. The story is a unique and complicated story that will shuffle your mind.

Takut Mati
It is a story about a woman named Wulan, who is extremely afraid of death. She uses many ways to protect herself and avoid death. One day, her job makes her goes to Bintan. She scared very much then she buys a charm to protect her from death. She doesn’t realize that the amulet makes her lost her husband instead.
This story tells you that if you scared of something, that thing might be the one who could destroy you.

Ketika Aku Mati
Rina was an actress who dreams about her death. In her dream, everybody loved her and lost her at the day she died. They adored her and prayed for her rest. When she suddenly woke up, she realized that it was just a dream. She also realized that she has been being spelled by someone she didn’t know and she was about to die. She finally hung herself and died.
This story is another story about death. It is my favorite story which really brings me to reality. Life is not as perfect as our imagination. Life sometimes tricks you and temp you. Life is unpredictably. You could not determine your life only by your dream.

Mandy and Me
It tells about the relationship between turtle and Mandy, a little four years old girl which never has a harmony parents. Turti (the turtle) is Mandy’s best friend. Mandy often tells him about her feeling. Turti always know her problems but unfortunately, he could not help her. If only turtle could talk.
This story is unique and homey. I can’t say anything about this story, but I could make sure that if it is happened in this real world, the “Mandy” must be really poor.

Gantinya Barbie
This is a story about little girl who always want the appearance of her father more then anything. One day, she wants a Barbie Doll. Her mom tries to collect the money to buy it. When the mom finally can afford the money, she asks for her dad instead of the Barbie. She even wants to give the Barbie to be exchanged by her dad.
I think the children always pure. They know what they need more. They express their feeling explicitly.

Woman and performance, they are two words that can not be separated. This story tells about how high heels could upgrade your performance and change your image from pauper to princess. In fact, life is not that shallow.
One thing I love from this story is that Fira included many new words about fashion that I never heard. It adds my vocabulary and also she stated the facts about fashion. Girls, you need to read this story!

Hitam Putih
This is the longest and complicated story which really turns my mind upside down. The conversation between each person is made without including the name. We should guess it ourselves who is talking at that time.
This story is complicated but really a nice story. The figures in this story become a legend then, but I hate sad ending.

Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul

Chicken Soup For The Romantic Soul
By: Jack Canfield
Mark Victor Hansen
Mark & Chrissy Donnelly
Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.
Health Communications, Inc. 2002

Another Chicken Soup for the soul series, inspires our mind, lights our life and burns our heart. Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul is a bunch of stories which will touch your heart.

It offers ten stories about finding a true love, twelve stories about Love and Love stories, thirteen stories about Romantic Moments, thirteen stories about Love and Marriage, seven stories about Love Memories, twelve stories about Love Lesson, seven stories about “In Good or Bad”, and eleven stories about The Flame That Still Burns.

The contributors come from many professions. From writer to housewife, they share their love experiences to us so that we could see many magical things of love.

Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul has been written especially to everyone who believes the magic of love.

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